Friday, 31 August 2012

Collingwood Army dispensing Summary Justice

Just in case they take this Greg Baum piece down or edit it

At a luncheon Eddie McGuire:
recalled how as a 13-year-old, he rejoiced to watch the Magpies triumph over the Blues in a semi-final, then was distraught when, on his way home, a navy-blue clad thug reached through closing train carriage doors, snatched his beanie from his head and threw it under the train … then rejoiced again to look back to the receding platform and see a group of Collingwood fans dispensing summary justice on his behalf. ''It was the first time I felt part of the Collingwood army,'' he said.
Eddie McGuire's feelings of inclusion were based on an act of violent retribution by Collingwood fans. This is a not so subtle celebration of footy fan violence by both McGuire and Baum.

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